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I'm a Creative Development Leader committed to fostering strategic and innovative growth deeply grounded in audience insights through experiential design. I firmly believe that real change begins by pushing the boundaries of our inner worlds. Therefore, I consider personal transformation to be the starting point for any broader change initiative. Through a unique blend of artistic mastery and psychology, my work revolves around empowering eclectic audiences through a holistic approach and building new avenues for expansion. A multidisciplinary expert, I'm known to approach challenges with a fearlessness that drives me to explore and upskill consistently and provide my teams with creative solutions and fresh ideas.

In recent years, my insights have played a pivotal role in a range of projects, from shaping business strategies to enhancing guest experiences and pioneering wellness initiatives. My expertise spans entrepreneurship, interpersonal communication, high-end entertainment, and a fervent dedication to transformation and exploration. This diverse skill set has led me to collaborate with top executives across a spectrum of industries, including arts, technology, fashion, luxury, events, corporate wellness, education, nonprofits, and more. Currently serving as a Creative Development Director, I have orchestrated the conceptualization and art direction of an app to empower parents and young children. Some of my achievements include securing funding for a multimillion-dollar startup, developing leadership programs, creating artistic experiences, and managing projects in the aerospace industry.

I am bilingual in French and English. Throughout my career in the arts, I've been known as Anna Cley. As an awarded performing artist, I've had the privilege to collaborate with musicians and creators from around the globe and have graced prestigious stages, including Carnegie Hall and the runways of New York Fashion Week. I authored "The Journey of the Heart," an inspirational work of fiction that has garnered praise from media personalities and clinical psychologists.

Whether you want to expand digitally or physically, I can help you create memorable experiences to empower your team, clients, and target audience.


I'm Anna.

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