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The Sound of your Silence

An immersive exhibition inviting the guests to sense the vibrations of their unique self and to explore how their presence impacts the world around them

The guests wander through a dark space, only brightened by dimmed lights. At first, the atmosphere reproduces the black universe, then stars appear. The guests are invited to travel back to before they were born. As they progress through the exhibition, a voice guides them to focus on the sound of their breathing, heart, clothes, steps... The colors around them evolve as they experience various states of awareness. Later, they're invited to listen to the outer world's sounds and be a part of the world's symphony​ without doing anything. At the end of the experience, the guests are empowered by their unique presence and innate contribution to the world around them.  They perceive in a new light how they interact with the world and how the world interacts with them, inspiring them to communicate and behave more mindfully with others. They're encouraged to appreciate and love themselves more.


Nature of Sounds

An immersive exhibition inviting the guests to sense the world through sounds, inspiring them to build a better acoustic environment for all living beings.


The project is meant to raise awareness of noise pollution and the impact of sounds on living beings.  Sound is a massive component of well-being, including human mental health, global health, and environmental protection. Unlike other forms of pollution, all it takes from us to reduce noise is to quiet down. We can protect our planet while improving our lives by reducing noise levels in cities and the wilderness.

In this exhibition, the dimmed space invites the guests to reconnect with nature and learn about wildlife. Soundtracks of animal sounds arranged in singular music are played. The interactions between wildlife and humans are represented by soundtracks blending animal sounds and the human voice. At times the music is chaotic, but it reaches harmony, symbolizing the hope of a balanced and peaceful world. 

At the end of the experience, the guests better understand how human sounds affect the world around them. The guests feel inspired to modify their behavior and initiate renewed and healthy communication between humans and all living beings. They feel empowered to be able to contribute to the world with new simple routines.

Forest Sunrays

The Eagle, the Wind and the Star

A theatrical experience designed for children using vocal sounds, the embodiment of animal characters, and movements to feel whole and empowered.


The project is meant to promote children's mental health and confidence building while giving them a feeling of belonging and togetherness. 

During the experience, they're invited to sing and to move to explore both the feeling of harmony and magic when people combine their efforts and the impact of posture and movement on their emotions. They fully participate in the experiment. As they embody various characters, they better understand others' differences, encouraging them to have more compassion and curiosity toward others.

Flying eagles in the mountains
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