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Navy Blue


Transforming Lives with Applied Stage Performance Techniques

Because we need inspired and empowered leaders to shape a brighter future for everyone.


Coaching & Seminars

Breath. Grow. Transform. Empower. Repeat.

Confidence Building - Build your self-esteem with practical tools and re-write your story.
Stress Management Surf the wave of today's ever-changing landscapes by building flexibility and resiliency.

Charismatic Leadership - Master the art of charismatic leadership and become an influential communicator.

Creative Thinking Re-ignite your creative brain to problem-solve and innovate.


Laurel Marr_edited.jpg

Laurel Marr

Doula practitionner

natacha b_edited.jpg

Natacha Berthelot


LAUREN K_edited.jpg

Lauren Koszyk


Anna Cley is a godsend. She helped me find the courage to move forward and believe in myself again. After just a couple of months, I was comfortably using her new techniques with amazing results. We can express ourselves again, no matter how deep our pain. 

I had no idea how voice placement could impact our physical and mental wellbeing. Discovering my true voice made me feel much more connected, much stronger and more confident. Not only can I manage my stress much more constructively than before, but I communicate more effectively.

The awareness and skills I learned from Anna not only changed my artistry, but my daily confidence and leadership abilities.


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